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Braylon M Medvec
Braylon M Medvec
Member Since 2012
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April Fool's Day Wine Jokes
By: Braylon M Medvec
Posted: Apr. 01, 2013

Everyone knows with April Fool’s comes jokes, tricks and most importantly laughter. I thought it was only necessary to keep this tradition alive among the wine drinking community. So hopefully these quick jokes put a smile on your face (hopefully while enjoying a glass of wine).

The world of wine is morphing into a new scene as the younger generation hops on the social bandwagon. New wines, new concepts, new perceptions and approaches are emerging, and with them, the revolutionaries. Splitting away from the masses is an innovative wine company, Public House (Social by Design). The company is boldly going where many dare not venture: the world of boxed wine.

For the majority of college scholars, the basic food groups are often stripped away, only to be replaced by the notorious Ramen noodles, frozen pizzas, PB&J’s, mac and cheese, and anything cooked on a George Foreman Grill. Along with the deprivation of food comes the notion that drinks such as wine are far out of reach. From WineTable’s Black Box Braylon: how one college student retains a (small) grasp on a culinary luxury.

Spooky and terrifying, but delicious nonetheless. What will you be drinking tonight?