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Robin Salls
Robin Salls
Member Since 2012
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Women & Wine: Just Jess
By: Robin Salls
Posted: Jan. 03, 2013

The world of wine has a reputation for being pretentious, and the variables that make it a complex creation can pose an intimidating barrier to those who perhaps consider themselves less studious, but like to drink it nevertheless. It’s a predicament Wine Channel TV Founder Jess Altieri has set out to address. A Certified Sommelier and TV personality, she’s on a mission to make wine sensible, understandable and fun for the masses.

Do you have a preference for how you purchase your wine? Robin Salls’ adventure in wine started many years ago with trips to the liquor store to get Bartles & James Wine coolers, then Fetzer chardonnay or whatever else was on sale. When she finally decided to get serious about her love of wine, she knew she had to find a better way to pique her palate. For her, that meant looking into wine auctions or wine clubs. Here’s Robin’s guide for finding the right wine club for you.

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a popping champagne bottle, especially at midnight on New Year’s Eve. While some may have put off shopping for their bubbles to bring in the New Year due to the Aztec calendar, WineTable writer Robin Salls was on a mission to taste as many as she could, just in case. Now here's the results of her tasting spree. What corks will you be popping for New Year's?

Wine over the decades has become a passion and lifestyle for many women, as we see women exploring the world of wine beyond consumerism. While women have become the main purchasers of wine in American households, they are taking more prominent positions within the industry as well. There are a few trends at work here: women are realizing the social aspects of wine and have become the main household purchaser of it, and in a developing parallel, women are also embracing the science and hands-on nature of wine-crafting in ever greater numbers. This series on women and wine will introduce you to some incredible women who have taken their passion for wine and turned it into a lifestyle and even a career.

'Tis the season for sharing cheer and libations with family and friends, but it can be overwhelming to think about finding the perfect wine for each. Stress no more, this wine gifting guide offers tips to help you select. What's on your list?

Flirting with a Fortified Wine
By: Robin Salls
Posted: Nov. 30, 2012

A port wine brings to mind roaring fires, decadent chocolate desserts and late nights. I’ve found by way of my friends and friends of friends that most seem to have either a love affair with ports or they’ve given port the “Dear John” letter and have moved on. I’m in the early stages of my relationship with port. By no means is a love affair taking place, but port and I are still feeling each other out, trying to decide if we’re a match or not.

Pumpkin Pie and Wine, Oh my…
By: Robin Salls
Posted: Nov. 21, 2012

What would a Thanksgiving dinner be without a piece of pumpkin pie to finish off the meal? Pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving Day go hand in hand, but pairing a wine to go with that piece of pie can be challenging. Here are some wines to pair with that wonderfully dense dessert full of large notes of nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and ginger.

In 1974, Chateau Ste. Michelle put Washington on the world's wine map. Today, the winery is known for its award-winning Rieslings. WineTable writer Robin Salls takes a look at the winery's history and community involvement as an important member of the Washington wine community.

Picking just three amongst the vast wineries of California is a daunting task. Just like speeding down a highway where exits abound, luring you to choose them for the unknown adventure that lies ahead, so the wineries of California are tempting our palates with numerous adventures. WineTable writer Robin Salls' three favorite California reds.

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