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Whitney Khan
Whitney Khan
Member Since 2012
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Restaurants and bars are trying to guess your wine preference. Are you a by-the-glass type of person, do you prefer the I-can't-make-up-my-mind approach and go the flight route, or are you an all-in wine drinker and purchase whole bottles? Perhaps not surprisingly, younger peeps tend to prefer little tastes of many wines over many tastes of one.

Organizers of the first Southwest Wine Competition have announced the winners, among them, Garrett Estate Cellars for “Best of Show.”

Easter is just around the corner, and we’ve put together a smorgasbord of ideas for your planning. From a scrumptious menu to centerpiece ideas to delicacies you can make with the kids to the big people cuisine, gear up to celebrate in style!

Several news organizations are reporting that California winemaking heavyweight Kendall-Jackson is purchasing two vineyard properties in the Eola-Amity Hills area of Oregon. If the deal goes through, it would be the first California-based investor to put down roots in Oregon, and The Oregonian says it could represent the largest acceleration in the state’s $2.7 billion industry in the last 25 years—an industry nearly a half-century in the making.

It had a meteoric rise to prominence, then a steep fall from glory. Syrah was the grape that could “out-Merlot Merlot”; it became "the wine harder to get rid of than syphilis." U.S. consumers continue to hold their distance on one of the varietals easiest to grow and turn into wine. It’s a problem winemakers still hope to overcome—and some U.S. growers are making it a major target for improvement.

This weekend, judging gets under way for the first Southwest Wine Challenge, a regional competition aimed to highlight the growing wine presence in the Southwest. The goal: establish an identity around wines of the states between Texas and Nevada.


Upper Midwest wine producers are gathering in Minnesota’s capital city this weekend for Minnesota Grape Growers Association annual Cold Climate Conference, Feb. 21-23. Stay tuned to WineTable for from-the-floor coverage.

If you needed even more inspiration to finish your Super Bowl food prep ahead of the game, here's a sneak peek at a dozen commercials you'll want to make sure you see. From choose-your-own-adventure to naming rights to a painfully long smooch, this looks to be yet another unforgettable round of ads. Time for a repour of that wine.

It’s the dead of winter and about to drop to -25 wind chills in Minnesota, where I’m writing. Perfect time to think happier thoughts of warmer climates, especially if food and wine are involved. It’s no secret Hawaii has always been a retreat for experiencing incredible tropical eats, but Hawaii has its own presence on the wine map, too, and it’s worth checking out.

I’m in planning mode for my own Super Bowl party this year, and let me tell you, I’ve got my game face on. I’m set on scoring a touchdown in the execution of my planning, timing, and menu. Here are some of the tips I’m writing in my playbook as I develop my game day strategy. What else would you recommend?

The results of the largest wine competition in America are in--and there are a lot of winners. The San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition is the year's first and largest compeition of American wines in the world. Launched in 1983, the competition has become an annual tradition, with 5,500 wines submitted in 2012 and even more expected this year. Now might be the time to start a new round of tasting.

The holidays are over, the leftovers eaten and, hopefully, some of the sleep lost during the party-after-party rigmarole regained. This year, I’m purposed not to let the best part of the holidays go, though—the remembrance of good memories with family and friends. Any time I open a bottle of wine, I recapture some of that exuberance of the holidays. 

What's Your Merlot?
By: Whitney Khan
Posted: Jan. 08, 2013

We're on a Merlot kick this week, and want to hear from you: what's YOUR favorite brand of Merlot? Share it with us and help us tell the WineTable story of a community of people enthusiastic about wine and vocal about the specific wines they love!

In a gut-wrenching display of spite, vandals destroyed 16,537 gallons—worth $16 million—of future Brunello di Montalcino wine in a Dec. 2 raid at the wine cellar of Case Basse in Tuscany.

As harvest moves into late fall, it’s the opportune moment to talk a bit about late-harvest dessert and fortified wines. These wines are often overlooked as drinking wines, but they make an excellent pairing to those delicious sweets we love to enjoy, probably in decadent abundance, during the holiday season. Not sure how to go about finding the right one for your dessert? Consider our WineTable Food Pairings guide and upcoming articles your crash course in dessert and fortified wines.

It’s three days before Thanksgiving and if you’re like me, you’ve launched into that pre-holiday mad-rush kind of frenzy, with lists of to-dos running down the entire height of the fridge, a stack of recipes to make, a turkey just waiting to be brined and food packed into every available kitchen crevice. With such an incredible array of food, choosing wine can seem utterly overwhelming. And anyway, at this point, who has time to even think about wine pairings?

Tim Donahue is an enologist and winemaker on a mission. When the newly minted enologist returned to the United States in 2010 after completing his master's, he went to Washington state, where he hoped to start a winery. That vision soon took a surprising turn. Read the story. Watch the PBS News Hour feature.

A father and son learn winemaking together and a passion for a hobby becomes an award-winning winery and cafe. Read the story of where enologist and winemaker Timothy Donahue all began.

An Election Day Toast to Health
By: Whitney Khan
Posted: Nov. 06, 2012

It seems like every week a new study comes out praising the health benefits of wine. For election day, here’s a list of some of the health benefits that have been reported about the old red, white and blue…wine, that is.

There’s probably no better focus for us to launch our publishing efforts at WineTable than California wine. The main producer of American wine and a leader in wine research and development, California is the place most novice wine drinkers begin and many ripened tasters adore.

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