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Angelique Vinther
Angelique Vinther
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If our focus on dessert and fortified wines seems like it's a bit off the beaten track and has left you asking, "Why should I try those ancient beverages?" consider the relationship Angelique Vinther has developed with the often-forgotten vintages. From disdain to desire, she's become a fan. How do dessert wines fit into the American palate? Think sweet but balanced and still relevant to today's menus. It's all about the tension--once you learn to appreciate that, you'll be on your way to enjoying new tastes.

If all the hype about wine pairings is getting old, consider this alternative approach for your Thanksgiving meal. WineTable writer Angelique Vinther says in the season of crowded stores and crazy relatives, it’s really the last thing you need to worry about. So enjoy the mish-mash of flavors and follow these few simple guidelines.

There are many features to the Willamette Valley that make it an amazing place to get married, but planning any major event is a lot of work. It becomes an even bigger challenge when you’re planning it yourself and all the vendors are in another state. Here are just a few things WineTable writer Angelique Vinther learned along the way.

The first few trips to a wine region can be overwhelming. They can also be the best way to gain real insight into a wine region. Here are a few tips and tricks WineTable writer Angelique Vinther has gathered from her own tasting trip experiences.

I don’t find myself drinking many California wines these days. But, I owe my interest in wine to the trip I took several years ago through the Anderson Valley. Looking back, California ended up being a kind of incubator for my novice interest. I suspect that’s true for a lot of US wine enthusiasts.