A Lemon Cake and Wine Pairing
By: Whitney Khan
Posted: Jun. 04, 2013


Some days, you just need a little decadence. In fact, without too much effort, I can probably persuade myself most days of my need for decadence. Thankfully, I don’t have the time to bake myself a cake every single day. But every once in a while, I pull out the beaters, all the baking supplies and make a dessert to remember. Come to think of it, I do remember distinctively the last four or five cakes I’ve made…weird.


This spring, I made a three-layer lemon-and-cream sponge cake. It rocked the house down and is definitely worth the time to make, if you’re getting ready for a wedding or baby shower, a family event or even a summer BBQ. I’ve shared the recipe over at EmmaleeElizabeth Designs.


Get the Lemon Cake Recipe >>


When it comes to pairing wines to cake, as with anything, you need to identify the flavors in each and look for a wine with the same level of flavor intensity. You also typically want to find a wine that is sweeter than the cake. For this lemon cake, sweet fruit flavors is a good route to go.


WineTable President Paul Giese recommends the following five wines for this cake—including a couple made from long-ripened grapes—and I can tell you right now, I’m ready to pop the cork on any of them. For a contrast, you could also go extra-dry sparkling and enjoy the texture contrast between the bubbles of the wine and the tart creaminess of the cake.




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