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First dates are hard enough, what with all the deciding what to wear and conversing with a virtual stranger and the possibility of tripping over chair legs. Luckily, we can help you out—at least in one battle of this particular war. Here are the dos and don’ts of wine on a first date.



Ask your date if it’s okay to order wine for the table, especially if you know a lot about wine or have something specific you’d like to try. Traditionally the man orders and samples the wine, but things are more egalitarian these days. If she’s knowledgeable about wine, or simply expresses an interest, hand her the floor - and the wine list. 


wine-glass-corkSmell the wine. You’ll know immediately if it’s been corked, because it will have a musty odor. If you feel like the wine is questionable, raise your concerns and ask the sommelier to take a taste and offer their professional opinion. Keep in mind that asking the sommelier for an opinion is a tacit agreement to follow his or her advice.


Ask the waiter for a recommendation based on your meal selection, especially if wine isn’t your forte. Waiters are knowledgeable, especially in nice restaurants, and they want you to have a good experience.

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If you sniff and swirl when you’re out to dinner with your parents or your friends, sniff and swirl on a date. If you never sniff and swirl, don’t try to start just because you think that’s how it’s done. Overarching first date rule: Always be yourself. 



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Swirl the wine when you’re tasting it before the bottle is poured. Swirling can mask evidence of corking.


Order more than two bottles. Getting drunk on a first date rarely goes well for anyone.


Sniff the cork when the wine arrives. Just glance at it to see if the vintage is the same as on the label. Send the wine back only if it’s gone bad. 


Discuss the price or say more than a few words about the quality of the wine. Unless you’re both hardcore wine aficionados and find the topic fascinating, reserve the conversation for more personal topics.


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