Barbera is a red Italian grape known for deep color, low tannins, and high acidity. Its high yield makes it historically known as a “peasant's wine,” since it is easily mass-produced.

Our Recommended Barberas
By: Wine Table
Posted: Apr. 23, 2013

To bring a little focus to our grape of the week, Barbera, we've put together our list of recommended wines. Take this list to your local shop and hunt one down.

Grape of the Week: Barbera
By: Jeff S Cameron
Posted: Apr. 02, 2013

Barbera is thought to have originated in the Piedmont hills of Monferrato and is rumored to have been named for Vinum berberis, a bitter, red fermented drink from the middle ages.The name refers to its color and the tendency of the vines to overproduce produce grapes that can be acidic and sharp. When managed, those characteristics can be controlled to create a softer more balanced wine which can be blended or drunk as a single varietal.