Beaujolais is a well-known department or district inside of the regional appellation of Burgundy. Burgundy, as a region, is known most frequently as a source for single varietal wines using Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, which benefit from the cooler climate in the north-central part of France. The internal district of Beaujolais, which is located north of Loire and situated between the Burgundy and Rhone regions, is, on the contrary, known primarily for a single red grape, Gamay.

Quinoa and Lentil Salad
By: Harry Haff
Posted: Dec. 31, 2012

This quinoa and lentil salad makes a healthy and herby lunchtime feature. Try it and watch how the nuttiness of the grains plays off the herbiness of the dressing and complete the dance of flavors with a chilled pinot or Beaujolais. From WineTable Executive Chef Harry Haff.

If you've been around wine much, chances are, you've heard the mid-November fanfare for Beaujolais Nouveau. There are some mixed feelings throughout the wine world about Beaujolais Nouveau. Some argue it's more clever marketing than time-honored tradition, but really -- if you like the wine, then what does it matter, right? If you've never tried the wine, this interview with wine shop guy Randy Walker--by his daughter, Doniree Walker--offers the best primer you could ask for (and some amazing pairings, to boot).  

There's no doubt wine is a complex subject and learning about it can become a lifelong hobby. We can probably all relate to this humorous little poem by the Two Poets -- a little book-learning can make us think we know more than we do!

Early Wines of November
By: Jeff S Cameron
Posted: Nov. 23, 2012

November is famous, (or infamous, depending on your opinion) for young, early-release wines, for Beaujolais Nouveau. The young wine has become quite a commercial success exported out of the Beaujolais region of France. But other areas produce early-release wines as well, and they are definitely worth exploring.

Grape of the Week: Gamay
By: Jeff S Cameron
Posted: Nov. 23, 2012

Beaujolais Nouveau of November fame is made exclusively with the Gamay grape. The grape, the full name of which is Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc, is believed to have originated near the village of Gamay in east-central France as far back as the mid-14th century. Learn about its history and flavor profile.