Gewürztraminer, aside from being fun to say, is perhaps the most complicated of the wine grapes. Why?

Applying dog logic to life, Brenda and Chris Lynch share their passion for animal rescue and good wine. 

Several news organizations are reporting that California winemaking heavyweight Kendall-Jackson is purchasing two vineyard properties in the Eola-Amity Hills area of Oregon. If the deal goes through, it would be the first California-based investor to put down roots in Oregon, and The Oregonian says it could represent the largest acceleration in the state’s $2.7 billion industry in the last 25 years—an industry nearly a half-century in the making.

In the past decade, wineries have been popping up in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, the Dakotas and beyond. More than 1200 wineries are now open for business across an 11-state area. In Minnesota alone, the wine industry has recently been growing at an annual rate of 28 percent. But in cold weather states, making wine from only locally grown grapes has proved challenging.  Many winemakers are looking for flavor profiles with more depth and dimension. And one of the regions Midwest winemakers are sourcing grapes is Lodi, Calif.

If you’re looking for a first-class southern California wine destination experience, South Coast Winery Resort & Spa has it all. Make no mistake, it’s a bustling place with tours, dining, weddings and accommodations; but it still somehow manages to retain a relaxed wine country vibe. The grounds are beautiful for strolling after lunch or dinner at the Vineyard Rose restaurant, the villas are romantic and private with vineyard views, and the wines are surprisingly good!

There’s no time like the present to start getting in gear for your Super Bowl bash. Run those laps, clean the house and show off your own Super Bowl (menu) strategy with these make-ahead mini crab cakes from WineTable Executive Chef Harry Haff. The adults will love your style—especially when you serve it with a well-paired wine. Don't forget--they eat crab cakes in BOTH San Francisco and show your true colors with the dipping sauce you make.

In the crowded and complex landscape of the wine marketplace, some wineries are choosing to make traditional production methods their point of differentiation. The Benziger family did just this by becoming one of today’s leading Biodynamic® wine producers. But rather than holding this differentiator close, they are helping the Biodynamic wine movement grow—to the point where they give their secrets away to their competitors in hopes they, too, will adopt Biodynamic practices. Read their story.

The results of the largest wine competition in America are in--and there are a lot of winners. The San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition is the year's first and largest compeition of American wines in the world. Launched in 1983, the competition has become an annual tradition, with 5,500 wines submitted in 2012 and even more expected this year. Now might be the time to start a new round of tasting.

What do surgical pathology, vaporizing cheese stink, “bounce back,” pink umbrellas, the hiss of CO2, and brigades of charitable giving all have in common? Two words: Kerith Overstreet. WineTable gets the inside scoop on Bruliam Wines' don't want to miss it.

Cynthia Cosco went from cop to artisan wine crafter, not a typical journey by any stretch. Her wines are delicious and straight to the point. Get to know the winemaker behind Passaggio Wines. From champagne and potato chips to bottleshock and roller coasters, you'll discover interesting insights about Cynthia to share next time you enjoy a Passaggio with friends.

In our ongoing series of 21 Questions with winemakers, we get answers to questions you may have always wondered...some you might never have thought of. Today, Natalie West, winemaker at Foppiano Vineyards tells us about herself, her thoughts on wine and reveals some of her favorite moments during winemaking. Share your thoughts in the comments section: how does getting to know a bit about a winemaker change or impact the way you think about the wine?

Spicy and sweet, the creaminess of this appetizer or main dish pairs nicely with the acidity of an unoaked chardonnay. From WineTable Executive Chef Harry Haff.

A rich and rustic take on rib eye steaks from WineTable Executive Chef Harry Haff.

It's a craft nearly as old as the grape itself. But in today's world, is winemaking a sustainable practice? Lauren Barnard looks at some of the common practices in winemaking today and considers them in light of sustaining the grape & wine ecosystem for a long time to come.

There’s probably no better focus for us to launch our publishing efforts at WineTable than California wine. The main producer of American wine and a leader in wine research and development, California is the place most novice wine drinkers begin and many ripened tasters adore.