So, here it is, December again and that means the holidays are staring you in the face. For many of us that means shopping for presents, sending cards, visiting friends and relatives’ homes and cooking or being invited to some pretty swell dinner parties, buffets, brunches and maybe hosting a couple of festive events ourselves. So why not explore some of the more traditional, as well as some contemporary, holiday libations?

Still in planning mode for the holidays? Why not host a pairing party! Small plates and paired wines will create an interactive food-and-wine experience. Building your network in the wine community? This is the perfect opportunity to solidify those connections. Check out the Two Poets' recipe for a holiday soiree and let us know how your own turns out!

‘Tis the season to throw parties, one of my favorite pastimes. Deciding on the guest list, hors d'oeuvres, which cheese pairs with which wine, and every other detail that goes into planning a holiday party can be exhausting. We understand you have a wide range of guests and different palates to satisfy so here's your fail-proof wine guide for all your holiday events.

'Tis the season for sharing cheer and libations with family and friends, but it can be overwhelming to think about finding the perfect wine for each. Stress no more, this wine gifting guide offers tips to help you select. What's on your list?