Twinkies and Wine, Of Course
By: Paul W. Giese
Posted: Jul. 22, 2013

Last week saw the dawn of a new era for an 83-year-old piece of gastro-Americana: the relaunch of Hostess Twinkies. The new version of the classic snack is trimmer, sure, but still filled with that delectable cream and wrapped in the gooey, chewey, air-filled sponge cake, and of course it's perfect to pair with wine.

You’re throwing a last-minute soiree for your favorite people. You have twenty minutes in the grocery store to come up with a solid menu - and wine pairings. Here are some suggestions to make your life 100% simpler.

Pairing wine and chocolate is something that everyone recognizes around the world as a romantic gift. It speaks to the heart, mind and soul of a person, and it shows just how much you care about them. As someone who has taught thousands of people the joys of chocolate and wine pairing, I’m going to share some basics of how to meld the rich tastes of chocolate with the fruity and sometimes spicy tastes in the wine. Here are some great pairings I recommend to get you started:

We all think we know the rules: White meat and fish go with white wines; red meats, game, red sauces and stews go with red wines, right? Sometimes the options can be slim, and some foods actually do not go well with wine because of a sinister chemical reaction. But there are a few good rules of thumb to keep in mind when you’re not sure where to start. Read our guide.

What does wine add to family celebration? It captures memories through the senses. WineTable lifestyle writers William and Natalie Myers remember their best Thanksgiving as a blend of family, love and wine.