Pairing wine and chocolate is something that everyone recognizes around the world as a romantic gift. It speaks to the heart, mind and soul of a person, and it shows just how much you care about them. As someone who has taught thousands of people the joys of chocolate and wine pairing, I’m going to share some basics of how to meld the rich tastes of chocolate with the fruity and sometimes spicy tastes in the wine. Here are some great pairings I recommend to get you started:

How to Preserve Your Wine
By: Paul W. Giese
Posted: Dec. 31, 2012

A question I am asked after teaching my wine classes is, “How can I preserve my leftover wine?” Several of you are probably saying, “That’s not a problem at my house.” But when it comes down to saving that glass or two in the bottle, I recommend three solutions here under a good, better, and best scenario. My criteria is the product must preserve wine in its original bottle for up to a minimum of 5 days after opening and cost under $12, about the cost of a good glass of wine at a bar or restaurant.


It’s Thanksgiving, you have your turkey, and now you need a wine, but which one? Well, think about the flavors you want to go with it. With turkey being a light-tasting fowl, the flavors are often influenced by ingredients and cooking methods more than just the bird itself, so head to the spice rack and take a look around. Herbs and spices are an important part of pairing because they can change the flavor profile of a dish, thus changing which wine you want to pick.

Serving wine for Thanksgiving is easier than you think. Here are a couple of suggestions so you can host a wonderful dinner with any or all four of these wine styles available for your guests. WineTable President Paul Giese suggests having a wine for early in the event, two for dinner, and one to close out the evening leaving everyone satisfied and praising your culinary skills. So get a pen and get ready to take some notes.