Organizers of the first Southwest Wine Competition have announced the winners, among them, Garrett Estate Cellars for “Best of Show.”

New Mexico wineries have a rich history dating back to the 1600’s, and have the distinction of being part of the oldest wine making region in the United States. In 1629 the first grapevines were brought to what is now the state of New Mexico by Fray Gracia de Zuniga, a Franciscan and Antonio de Arteaga, a Capuchin monk.

This weekend, judging gets under way for the first Southwest Wine Challenge, a regional competition aimed to highlight the growing wine presence in the Southwest. The goal: establish an identity around wines of the states between Texas and Nevada.


Domestically, California still leads in grape production among prosperous vineyards due to rich soil and a nearly perfect climate. Yet a few other southwestern states are showing up to the Wine Table. Among those getting a second look, and yes, taste, are Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.