With varying flavor combinations on holiday tables, Riesling is the perfect palate cleanser matching the ability of a sweet sorbet. Rieslings are usually varietally pure and unoaked. In order from driest to sweetest. Consider the following four Rieslings to present to your guests or host this season.

Still in planning mode for the holidays? Why not host a pairing party! Small plates and paired wines will create an interactive food-and-wine experience. Building your network in the wine community? This is the perfect opportunity to solidify those connections. Check out the Two Poets' recipe for a holiday soiree and let us know how your own turns out!

There's no doubt wine is a complex subject and learning about it can become a lifelong hobby. We can probably all relate to this humorous little poem by the Two Poets -- a little book-learning can make us think we know more than we do!

What does wine add to family celebration? It captures memories through the senses. WineTable lifestyle writers William and Natalie Myers remember their best Thanksgiving as a blend of family, love and wine.