Pinot gris or pinot grigio, what's the difference? 

It's sometimes referred to as a gateway wine, meaning many wine drinkers take their first forays into wine with this berrylicious red. Even if you're well begun on your wine journey, zinfandel is a delight to sip.

Most everyone can distinguish a champagne flute from a wine glass. But the various wine glass shapes can stump even the most devout connoisseurs. The size and shape of a wine glass really does affect the taste of wine, so allow us to demystify the glassware.

Merlot wine is made from Merlot grapes, which are large, thick-skinned and very versatile. While the Merlot grape itself makes great single varietals when used alone, it is a favorite grape for blending as well and can add a softness, depth, and complexity to other grapes. The most popular blending choice is Cabernet Sauvignon. 

We generally understand legs to be the things that hold up tables and karate kick bad guys and take us from place to place, usually by helping us operate the gas pedal. But occasionally a new meaning to the word is introduced and suddenly everyone’s confused. Yes, wine legs are a thing. But what are they?

An Election Day Toast to Health
By: Whitney Khan
Posted: Nov. 06, 2012

It seems like every week a new study comes out praising the health benefits of wine. For election day, here’s a list of some of the health benefits that have been reported about the old red, white and blue…wine, that is.