Well here we go again, another scientist-turned-winemaker! My past life was as a neurochemist so I’m continually amazed to see that so many of my fellow nerds have chosen a life of vine instead of test tubing. Additionally, Hugh and I (as well as many of the winemakers I have interviewed) love a peaty Scotch. I’m sensing a nice, and frankly unexpected, pattern here.

Pink, sparkly and passionate about wine. Meet the two ladies behind the Napa Valley winery, Pink Girl Wines. With expansion planned for the next wine season, Tina and Martina’s wines score big for bachelorette parties and rosé lovers. Read their interview with WineTable’s Keith Hoffman.

Cynthia Cosco went from cop to artisan wine crafter, not a typical journey by any stretch. Her wines are delicious and straight to the point. Get to know the winemaker behind Passaggio Wines. From champagne and potato chips to bottleshock and roller coasters, you'll discover interesting insights about Cynthia to share next time you enjoy a Passaggio with friends.