[Photo: Mrs. Poet compounding interest in wine on her Nook / Credit: Natalie Myers]

Went to the library

Checked out some books.

Perused through a few

Home a dozen, I took.


Poured from a box,

Got the fire to roar.

Cozy in chair,

I began to explore.


One weekend's study

Will prove me a scholar.

At the next party,

I'll look that much taller.


I opened the books

with that goal in mind.

The ladder of intellect,

began I to climb.


My teenager looked

and said, "Who reads from books?

All I need is my phone

and I have a Nook.


Your library's old school

YouTube is the game,

Vaynerchuk's TV brought

wine much more fame!"


Ignored the kid’s smirk,

and went on with my reading.

What the bleep were we thinking

that night we were breeding?


The wine box soon emptied,

the weekend did fly.

Increased my knowledge,

of new wines to try.


Off to the liquor store

Palette afresh,

Ready to put all

those books to the test.


"I'd prefer an aged Beaujolais,"

 lofty I said,

The clerk winked and said,

"I can tell you're well-read!"

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