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You can describe a wine’s aroma any way you darn well please. Wine is so complex that whatever scent you pick out probably exists. People have smelled everything from honeysuckle to gasoline fumes in a glass of wine. In fact, the more wild and original your descriptors, the better. That said, here are some things you might want to say, if you know what you’re talking about (or just want to look like you do.)


Here’s What To Say


1. Talk about the nose. Wine lovers rarely use the word “smell” because we all know what it means when someone smells. Instead, talk about the nose or the aroma. If the wine has a very strong smell, you might casually remark that it has a huge nose. Is it fruity and fresh? Intense and woodsy? Pick a genre and start there.


2. Now you can graduate to the palate. If the nose is the way the wine smells, the palate is the way it tastes. The palate can be harmonious or acidic or lemony. You can “find raspberries on the palate.” If it tastes like a moth ball from your Aunt Martha’s closet, feel free to expound on that too. Add a few piquant stories about Martha while you’re at it.


3. Free associate. You can say your wine boasts the essence of Pine Sol, if you like. It can smell like huckleberries or cinnamon or cat pee or coffee. Say whatever comes to mind and see who agrees with you. There’s no right or wrong here - everyone’s tongue is different.


Bonus Tips


[Wine Swirling with light / tracyshaun]


1. The swirl and sniff ritual is very handy at parties when you want to avoid the eyes of your CEO or ex.


2. Don’t swirl your wine if your glass is more than half-full - you’ll send a wine tsunami over everything in the vicinity. 

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