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Craig Cats
Craig Cats
Member Since 2012
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Craig Cats

EducatorMerchantEnthusiast  /  Owner of Winexpert Pickering

Looking forward to sharing some fun wine stuff! Here is a fun wine quiz we can get started with called... "Let's Get Corked!!" updated about 9 years ago


My name is Craig Cats and I am in the wine business! I have had the pleasure of pursuing my passion for wine and everything that has to do with it throughout my career. My approach for enjoying and learning about wine has always been simple, fun and entertaining. A little about my background… I have been in the consumer wine making business for over 20 years and have been enjoying wine for even longer. I was a founding member of a 36 store chain called Wine Not in 1993, which was purchased by Global Vintners – a division of Peller Wines, the largest wine corporation in Canada – in 2005. As of 1995 and up until a few years ago, I owned and operated 2 of my own wine making stores, until I recently sold one location. To this day, I still operate my own retail location in Pickering, Ontario – with the help of my lovely wife and terrific staff –and continue to consult/train new Winexpert stores periodically.
Why I do it? I still do it because I love being around people and extolling a basic approach to learning all that wine has to offer. What I enjoy now is SHARING and INFORMING those who wish to know more about wine and winemaking; in a fun, “DOWN TO EARTH”, simple, unpretentious, humble and informative way. Wine should be enjoyable… Not intimidating! Cheers!

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