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Doniree Walker
Doniree Walker
Member Since 2012
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Doniree Walker


In short: Runs on coffee, wine, and whiskey. Writes a food blog, runs a consulting business, can be found somewhere between half-pigeon and happy hour.

Oh, you want more? Ok.

Hi, I’m Doniree.

I live in Portland, Oregon, by way of Boulder, Colorado and Minneapolis, Minnesota. No, it doesn’t rain here all the time. No, I don’t mind it when it does. And yes, we have the best summers than anywhere else in the world. Ok, that might be a stretch, but they’re pretty amazing. We also have some of the best wine in the whole world here in the Willamette Valley, and we neighbor the Cab-famous Columbia Valley in Washington.

I spend my days here in Portland running a consulting business from home, taking pictures of food, drinking red wine in the fall and winter and champagne and sauv blancs in the summer, and seeking out interesting ways to spend my time. I love to cook, love yoga, documentaries, hearing smart people talk about their passion and creative process, and live in a cute little Farmhouse-y house in the north part of Portland.

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Robin Salls
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Cary W Giese
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