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Stu McFarland
Stu McFarland
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Stu McFarland

Merchant  /  Hand-Etched & Painted Wine Bottles and NoChip Dip dipping wax


Etched Images had a humble beginning. David Lincoln, long-time Napa Valley resident, began hand-etching and -painting wine bottles for local Napa Valley wineries in 1989, as a one-man operation. In the beginning, these bottles were used by wineries as donations to local and national charity auctions, such as the Napa Valley Wine Auction. In 1992, Stuart McFarland, also a long-time Napan, left his management position with a large automotive accessory company to join David as a partner.
As the popularity of wine grew, so did the number of wineries. This resulted in a proliferation of wine labels on the retail shelves and it became more difficult for wine brands to make an impact on consumers. Wineries started to be on a constant lookout for fresh, eye-catching packaging. They began using outside marketing agencies, high-caliber graphic design artists, unique label materials, new bottle styles and other techniques to make their wines stand out in a crowd. At this point, Etched Images became a "glass decorating" service for the wine industry.
Another Etched Images innovation is NoChip Dip dipping wax used to create a capsule or medallion. This alternative to the metal foil comes in twenty glossy colors, including five metallics. Now the most popular dipping wax in North America, NoChip Dip offers extremely accurate color consistency and a high-end look.
Another popular technique developed by David Lincoln is the interior darkening (blackening) of a bottle to create the appearance of a full bottle of red wine. Blackened bottles offer a cost-effective solution for enhancing and displaying label artwork.
As wine enthusiasts, many of whom are top management/owners of large companies, discovered the uniqueness and beauty of etched and painted bottles, Etched Images began to get orders for wine bottles etched with corporate and personal logos and messages. The etched wine bottle became more than a Christmas gift; it became a year-round promotional gift used to celebrate special events and milestones.
Event meeting planners now promote Napa Valley as an ideal destination for their corporate clients, and etched and painted bottles of wine have become a perfect gift and memento. These planners, and those based from other areas, now comprise an important segment of Etched Images' customer base.
Although there certainly is competition, Etched Images has earned a reputation for high quality design, workmanship, and service, thus putting the Company in a position to compete for business in a strong, growing market. Unlike a majority of its competitors, Etched Images is staffed by skilled artisans, and offers painting and waxing techniques seldom found in standard etching organizations.
Housed since late 1993 at 1758 Industrial Way in Napa, Etched Images relocated to larger, more efficient quarters in the same complex in July of 2001. The Company is truly proud of its relatively small but handpicked staff of 15, some of whom have been with Etched Images since its "humble beginning."

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