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Harry Haff
Harry Haff
Member Since 2012
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Harry Haff

ChefEducatorWine Pro  /  Food and wine pairing.

Over the summer I worked with a highly regarded wine tour company in Spain tp construct a 12 day tour of some northern Spain wine areas, cities, cultural attractions and spectacular scenic drives. Among other high ponts of the trip are visits to Rioja, Monsant, Ribera del Duero, Monastrell and Penedes. Time to visit lots of wineries with short drives and evenings free. If you are interested just let me know and I will send you the info, including the cost. Departure is scheduled right now for May 15, 2014 with a maximum of 14-16 people. Love to hear from you. updated about 10 years ago


I began my professional life as a free lance musician in NYC, switching to a career in the world of wine and food after more than a decade of music making.
At the CIA in Hyde Park, NY I got great training and after graduation was lucky enough to be able to work in Switzerland, Zurich to be precise, for almost two years. Most of the time was spent working in the pastry shop: desserts,tortes, chocolates, ice creams. And traveling around one of the world's most beautiful places. Lots of good wineries there and I became a big fan of Swiss wines. With lots of cheese fondue to eat, rosti and St. Gallen bratwursts, the crisp wines were a great foil for the native cuisine.
Trips to Alsace, the regions on the Rhine River and Austria kept me off the streets and out of trouble, until returned to the USA.
As I moved from job to job in New York, I kept thinking about the great breads and pastries I had in Switzerland. So I moved to Vermont and opened my own bakery where I did all kinds of breads, pastries, tortes and desserts, both Swiss and American.
Over the years were trips to the Finger Lakes Region, Napa, Sonoma several times each, Paso Robles, Santa Barbara, New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon, Washington; you get the idea.
I was teaching at Le Cordon Bleu in Atlanta whenI had the chance to take a group of students on a wine trip to Chile. Great wines, great food, great people.
I now live in Arizona which is a place that produces lots of good wines. I founded the SouthWestWineChallenge which will take place for the first time in March, 2013.
And once again looking for "What's next."


Chile Winery
193-Wine Barrels-Santa Laura in Chile
Surfer Beach, SA
Table Top Mountain
South from Cape Town

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