April Fool's Day Wine Jokes
By: Braylon M Medvec
Posted: Apr. 01, 2013

Everyone knows with April Fool’s comes jokes, tricks and most importantly laughter. I thought it was only necessary to keep this tradition alive among the wine drinking community. So hopefully these quick jokes put a smile on your face (hopefully while enjoying a glass of wine).

One of the best parts about living and working in the wine industry in Argentina is being able to eat the wonderful food that goes with it. Malbec has been the star attraction of Argentina's wine country but many people don't know as much about the wonderful cuisine that they can find here. Our pairings go far beyond cheese, chocolate, and red meat - though red meat is certainly emphasized. 

Grape of the Week: Semillon
By: Jeff S Cameron
Posted: Apr. 01, 2013

Semillon is a white wine grape from the Bordeaux region in France. Semillon is a close relation to Sauvignon Blanc, but its parentage and origin are still shrouded in mystery. It is a mid-ripening, easy to grow grape that produces high yields and is fairly resistant to most diseases. The vines produce large thin-skinned grapes that range from yellow to gold when ripe.

Organizers of the first Southwest Wine Competition have announced the winners, among them, Garrett Estate Cellars for “Best of Show.”

The Finger Lake Wine Region in New York boasts a microclimate the locals believe lends to the quality wines that are found throughout the region. Leigh (Hazlitt) Triner shares that belief but also feels it’s the estate vineyards and the families who blend generations of viticulture with today’s world that gives the area an edge. Triner, along with her brother Doug, are the sixth generation of Hazlitt’s growing grapes and orchard fruit on the land their family purchased back in 1852.

We recently went on a weekend trip to one of the oldest wine-growing places in Germany – Bernkastel. The name already gives it away – this is one of the many places where even the Romans grew their wine. The Latin castellum has been reduced to kastel through the centuries. What stayed was the town’s significance in the local wine industry. Some of the best vineyards are to be found here. With extremely steep terrain, this is where some of the best German Riesling wines are grown.

Schnitzel with Brown Butter
By: Harry Haff
Posted: Mar. 26, 2013

This breaded and fried cutlet is utter crispy goodness and a favorite of many national cuisines, but probably no more so than in Vienna. It can be made from several meats, but with veal, it’s called Wiener Schnitzel, the national dish of Austria. There’s about a million ways you can dress this number up—add spices, melt cheese all over it, stuff it with bacon and mushrooms or spritz it with lemon. However you choose to schnitzel tonight, don’t forget the wine.

Easter is one of those feast days where the menus positively beg for good wine pairings. Fasting is over, you’ve made it through your Lenten do-withouts, the family is together, and spring is in the air. Celebrate it all with some of these crowd pleasers. We’ve made it even easier with some suggestions for wines under $20. Ranked lightest to heaviest body by style.

Grape of the Week: Viognier
By: Jeff S Cameron
Posted: Mar. 25, 2013

Viognier is a white wine grape primarily from the northern Rhone in France. An early-budding, low-yielding grape that is difficult to grow, Viognier is susceptible to spring frosts, coulure and even wind damage. It does well in acidic, well-watered soils and produces a juice high in sugar and low in acid. Wines made from Viognier grapes are known for pale colors, crisp flavors and often powerful floral and fruit aromas.

Easter is just around the corner, and we’ve put together a smorgasbord of ideas for your planning. From a scrumptious menu to centerpiece ideas to delicacies you can make with the kids to the big people cuisine, gear up to celebrate in style!

Ask anyone what they think of when they think Argentina, and most people will likely say the bustling capital Buenos Aires. Wine lovers, though, know Mendoza, a region with more than 1,000 wineries and one of the main attractions to wine tourists. What to see when you go there? Get some travel tips from Piattelli’s own winemaker, Valeria.

Rich and buttery, roast leg of lamb needs a structured red wine that can stand up to the weight of the meat. With the robust treatment of the plum and merlot sauce, this dish is particularly suited to pairing with a red presenting notes of late summer fruit.

Rachel Voorhees juggles the roles of Certified Sommelier, wine writer, wife and mother of two with grace and elegance—and a good dose of family support for her obsession of finding the perfect wine and food pairing. Voorhees is happiest when she’s helping someone build their own wine cellar, hosting a wine tasting or sharing a tip on her personal website. We talked to her about career, family and tasting lots and lots of wine. Read the interview.

The world of wine is morphing into a new scene as the younger generation hops on the social bandwagon. New wines, new concepts, new perceptions and approaches are emerging, and with them, the revolutionaries. Splitting away from the masses is an innovative wine company, Public House (Social by Design). The company is boldly going where many dare not venture: the world of boxed wine.

New Mexico wineries have a rich history dating back to the 1600’s, and have the distinction of being part of the oldest wine making region in the United States. In 1629 the first grapevines were brought to what is now the state of New Mexico by Fray Gracia de Zuniga, a Franciscan and Antonio de Arteaga, a Capuchin monk.

For Minnesota wineries, the road to becoming a competitive force in the wine industry has been long, arduous and fraught with challenge. But in recent years the decades of hard work have finally begun to pay off—and in large part, it’s because winemakers have been embracing wines of place. Two years ago, for the first time, a Minnesota wine made from Minnesota grapes (Carlos Creek Winery’s 2009 Frontenac) won a double gold medal in the prestigious Indy International Wine Competition. Last year, three Minnesota wineries took home double golds.

Beaujolais is a well-known department or district inside of the regional appellation of Burgundy. Burgundy, as a region, is known most frequently as a source for single varietal wines using Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, which benefit from the cooler climate in the north-central part of France. The internal district of Beaujolais, which is located north of Loire and situated between the Burgundy and Rhone regions, is, on the contrary, known primarily for a single red grape, Gamay.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Need a suggestion for pairing your cabbage and pork, your stuffed cabbage roll, corned beef sandwich or your no-so authentic roasted cabbage wedge salad? Look no further. Here are some wonderful wine pairings that will leave you satisfied and looking forward to those St. Patty’s celebrations. 

Williams. Selyem. Two words, that when put together make wine purists, pinot noir nuts, and chardonnay lovers (that appreciate the proper use of oak) swoon.  Swoon, and wait.

Generations Wine and Martini Bar in Loveland, Colo., is a place geared toward women who make the going-out decisions. Its genesis was a woman who made her own decisions. Walk through the doors of Generations Wine and Martini Bar in Loveland, Colo., and you’re likely to find Owner Erin Borsdorf behind the bar mixing martinis or in the kitchen helping with trademark dishes like the Bacon-Wrapped Dates.

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