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Larschelby "Schel" Kidd
Larschelby "Schel" Kidd
Member Since 2012
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Larschelby "Schel" Kidd

EducatorVineyardEnthusiast  /  Retired Chef

Hello Witney, I use Windows Vista, My Ipad and Android app. to access your site. I'm starting to use it now. I'll have to get back to you on what features I like best. updated about 10 years ago


Two words can describe Larschelby “Schel” Kidd; Passion & Enthusiasm.

I am California native who calls Wisconsin home.

Passion; is my motivation which I developed from the love of food through a career in professional kitchens as cook and Chef. After retiring it was for me a natural transition into wine. So I opened a wine shop named “The Wine House” which was located in Sheboygan Falls.

"I learned from my travels that Food, Wine and Friends are life's secrets to happiness”.

Enthusiasm; is how I present Wine & Food appreciation through an uncomplicated easy and fun way to understand. My wine and food knowledge was learned the old fashioned way, tasting.

From my understanding of wine and its sense of place, I share with you the dance that occurs between wine, food and palate. Whether you like sweet, dry, red or white there is a wine connoisseur dormant in everyone.

My philosophy “Let Your Palate Be The Guide”.

I currently produce two online video series;
Youtube Channel:

Cooking In The Raw! I produce a series of unedited and unscripted cooking videos. If I make a mistake it’s live!

SIP TIP and Snack! I will share with you my exploration of the Wisconsin Wine areas and the different grapes grown here. I will also present other Wine Regions of the world. I will also share Wine Tips and simple Snacks to enjoy with your wine.
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