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Boroli Quattro Fratelli

Region: Italy, Piedmont, Barbera d'Alba

Vintage: 2005

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Winery: Boroli
Type of Grape: Barbera
Style: Red

Description: Wine produced with Barbera grapes. The colour is very intense, ruby red. On the nose it offers aromas of ripe forest fruits and undertones of vanilla while on the palate this wine is close-texture, mouth-filling with aromas of ripe raspberries and blackberries. There is a nice balance of acidity alcohol and tannins followed by a long-appealing finish. It is ideal for a long period of ageing; matured in cask for 6 months and refined in bottle for 6 months. Serving temperature is 18°C and it can be served through the entire meal.

The Borolis are a piedmontese family who have been in business in the region – first in textiles, then editorial, and now in winegrowing – since 1831. In the 1990’s, Silavano ed Elena Boroli felt the need to extend their interest and endeavours. They wanted something that would bring them closer to nature and away from the demands of the contemporary business world. As Piedmontese, the choice was almost an obligation: making wine in Langa. A passion transformed into work. What could be better? Wine production isn’t the easiest work it’s consuming, subject to nature, and success can’t always be predicted. But it’s exactly for these reasons that success in this area can give great satisfaction. In 2000 Achille, the third of the four Boroli sons entered the family wine business. The culture of wine, includes many things besides the wine itself. In the Boroli’s case, quality is always the common denominator, in their role as wine producers as well as the product itself.

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