I watched Sideways again the other night and Miles’ explanation to Maya does make Pinot Noir sound like something special. I have always liked the grape in its variety of forms but I wanted to do a little checking on whether or not Miles was right. Essentially the answer is yes.

Wine has always been a difficult luxury item to purchase online. Laws governing alcohol sales differ from country to country, and in the United States, wine sales between states—and in some cases, even between municipalities—are highly regulated.

The Ripening of Minnesota Wine
By: Whitney Khan
Posted: Oct. 26, 2012

The Minnesota prairie has given way to a crop it’s likely the Swedish and German farmers of a century ago would never have guessed might one day grow alongside the wheat and corn: grapes.

Long considered a source of light sippers, Chilean vineyards and wineries are demonstrating they’re coming into their own in the wine world of heavy hitters., a wine education and social networking website based in Minneapolis and Denver, introduces the “My Wine Lists” app as part of the Microsoft Windows 8 launch.

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