An ancient Roman villa and some history on the first wine made in Germany.

Grown in the right climate, tempranillo is a spectacular full-bodied red wine, used on its own or in blends with other spectacular full-bodied reds. Get ready to try the good stuff.

Fresh, citrusy and perfect with a sprinkle of dill, grilled salmon is just the thing for a lazy summer night. Perfect after an afternoon of playing in the sprinkler.

Time for fireworks, some John Philip Sousa and the firing up of the grill. It's Fourth of July and the All-American picnic-and-grill-fest weekend (along with Memorial Day and Labor Day, of course). We've got some wine suggestions to make yours an over-the-top-amazing food day.

It's good to have a drink in hand. Always. That's why coffee shops that double as wine bars and wine bars that offer coffee are wonderful bursts of entrepreneurial genius. Makes for more enjoyable hours of the day--relaxing with a book or working on the laptop with the buzz of lowkey activity as your pleasant whitenoise background--from the start-of-day latte to a happy hour glass of wine.

Say hello to the new WineTable. We've created a quick guide to suggest a new wine type for you to try at one of the top wine bars near you. A great reason to initiate a get-together, right?

You’re throwing a last-minute soiree for your favorite people. You have twenty minutes in the grocery store to come up with a solid menu - and wine pairings. Here are some suggestions to make your life 100% simpler.

Who doesn't need a sweet frozen treat on the Fourth of July? Particularly when it's paired up with a sparkling wine. Get the pairings here. Oh yeah, and the recipe.

Grape of the Week: Carmenere
By: Jeff S Cameron
Posted: Jun. 24, 2013

It was thought to be one of the six original red grapes of Bordeaux. But today, Carmenere is one of the best and brightest wine grapes of Chile. Read about it and then taste and see! 

Looking for a summer white? Look no further than Argentina's Torrontés. It's a white wine grape variety with peach and apricot aromas and flavors. We've got the A-B-Cs on this wine. Get 'em here.

It's the one time of the year where visitors to New York's Finger Lakes Region can experience all the local wines in one location. July 12-14 is the Finger Lakes Wine Festival, and we've got the details on what to do, who to see and how to dress (togas, please). Will you be there?

Most everyone can distinguish a champagne flute from a wine glass. But the various wine glass shapes can stump even the most devout connoisseurs. The size and shape of a wine glass really does affect the taste of wine, so allow us to demystify the glassware.

Today’s kids think they’re the center of the universe, and if some of them are yours, no doubt you need a breather. That’s where the importance of wine comes into play. We've paired up with EmmaleeElizabeth to bring you some fabulous appetizers and wines to match. Time to kick back and relax.

Grape of the Week: Rose
By: Jeff S Cameron
Posted: Jun. 17, 2013

Rosé wines are the perfect wines for spring and summer and they're a hot pick among wine drinkers this year. Ranging from sweet to dry and from pale pink to eye-catching strawberry, there's almost invariably something for everyone from this set of wines. Read more about it before picking up a bottle at the wine shop. Did we mention it's perfect for a summer day?

Volunteering at wine events is a great way to get involved in your local wine scene and get stage-door access to the excitement of a special weekend or event. Janine Buchal shares some tips after volunteering recently at Colorado’s Urban Wine Fest.

Riesling is a highly acidic, aromatic, and floral white grape variety used to make all kinds of wine. Dry, semi-sweet, sweet, and sparkling white wines, you name it. It is a very versatile fruit and is rarely oaked, leaving it more crisp than silky (like you might expect from an oaky Chardonnay). 

Taking risks and trying new ways of winemaking, Michelle Cleveland is the winemaker at Colorado’s Creekside Cellars. Robin Salls recently interviewed her and gained some deep insight into some of the particulars of winemaking. 

It’s probably the best excuse to drink before 1 p.m. there is. But you really don’t need an excuse to have a summer brunch—especially if you’re craving an egg dish or some buttery scones. Johanna Puelston shares her rundown of brunch tips, drinks and recipes. Get ready to indulge.

Whitney Stewart doesn’t have an ounce of Italian blood in her, but she tries to cook as if she had grown up with a gaggle of siblings in some provincial town in the south of Italy. This salad is one of her creations, invented during one of those longing moments. 

Grape of the Week: Riesling
By: Jeff S Cameron
Posted: Jun. 10, 2013

Break out of the sweet Riesling box after you read today’s article about the grape. You’ll learn about terroir, enjoy a new range of flavors and, no doubt, it’s another reason to order take-out Chinese. (Who doesn’t love an excuse to order take-out!!)

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