It's good to have a drink in hand. Always. That's why coffee shops that double as wine bars and wine bars that offer coffee are wonderful bursts of entrepreneurial genius. Makes for more enjoyable hours of the day--relaxing with a book or working on the laptop with the buzz of lowkey activity as your pleasant whitenoise background--from the start-of-day latte to a happy hour glass of wine.

Taking risks and trying new ways of winemaking, Michelle Cleveland is the winemaker at Colorado’s Creekside Cellars. Robin Salls recently interviewed her and gained some deep insight into some of the particulars of winemaking. 

Building a family winery business in a town otherwise known for industry, winning international acclaim and building a local community presence--that is Balistreri Vineyards. 

Wine festivals are popping up all over America and many of them are for charities. Here’s a review of one local event that serves as a shining example for those who would like to start a similar endeavor in theirs.

Do you love food truck food and wine? Live in the Denver area? Here's a fun event you might want to be a part of (hint: if you volunteer, you'll get free membership into the wine club!).

Organizers of the first Southwest Wine Competition have announced the winners, among them, Garrett Estate Cellars for “Best of Show.”

Generations Wine and Martini Bar in Loveland, Colo., is a place geared toward women who make the going-out decisions. Its genesis was a woman who made her own decisions. Walk through the doors of Generations Wine and Martini Bar in Loveland, Colo., and you’re likely to find Owner Erin Borsdorf behind the bar mixing martinis or in the kitchen helping with trademark dishes like the Bacon-Wrapped Dates.

Webster’s definition of the word faithfulness is: “Adhering firmly and devotedly, as to a person, cause, or idea; loyal.” Executive Chef and restaurant owner, David Walford is a seasoned craftsman who has spent the last 30 years immersed in the culture of the culinary world, the 20 of them in Beaver Creek, Colo. Now that’s faithfulness. We recently chatted over coffee in his beautiful restaurant with splendid views, thus named, Splendido, at The Chateau, Beaver Creek.

Everything about our experience at the Second Annual Beaver Creek FOOD & WINE Weekend was beautiful. There were trees with fresh-laden snow, ice sculptures, well-behaved children and well-mannered people like the joyful and very tall Tim Baker, who cheerfully manages the town itself. Each event was well orchestrated, beginning with the casual cocktail reception where we mingled with celebrity chefs and local talent. Read William & Natalie Myers' account of the weekend.

Women & Wine: Mary Snellgrove
By: Robin Salls
Posted: Jan. 24, 2013

Combining great wine, fine art, special dogs, and worthy causes is what Cru Vin Dogs Wine is all about. Its founder, 30-year wine industry veteran Mary Snellgrove would know. She launched the brand in 2006 with artist-husband Jay Snellgrove and partner Bill Foss. Combining talent and knowledge they’ve created a wine brand with a purpose—wine that gives back. For dog lovers, sipping on a glass of wine can mean lending a hand to those beloved furry friends.

Boutique wineries are popping up across the United States offering unique wine experiences by not only engaging their visitors in the sampling room, but also behind the scenes with hands-on experiences crafting it with winemakers. It’s that experience that Wild Woman Wine owners Charlene and Ross Meriwether hope to share with customers at their Colorado winery. Read our interview with Charlene.

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