Sometimes, I just get a hankering for curry. Stewed chunks of meat, simmering in a paste of spices, plenty of onion, garlic and hot pepper and served over fluffy rice—mmmmm, now that’s flavor-packed comfort food.

In Germany, where summer takes its sweet time heating up, Eva brings the flavors of sunshine into her kitchen with a chevre and sweet pepper salad. Try it for yourself!

It’s amazing what can come out of your produce drawer when you approach it with the attitude of NO FEAR. Here’s a salad that may not necessarily claim any particular cultural lineage, but nevertheless will imbue you with full zest for life.

A basket full of charcuterie is perfect for a romantic picnic or an afternoon getaway with the girlfriends. With a little planning, it can even be an urban escape in the middle of a city during a busy workday. Any way you slice, it’s a perfect excuse to take a spin through your local cheese and wine shops to test their wares.

Fresh, citrusy and perfect with a sprinkle of dill, grilled salmon is just the thing for a lazy summer night. Perfect after an afternoon of playing in the sprinkler.

Who doesn't need a sweet frozen treat on the Fourth of July? Particularly when it's paired up with a sparkling wine. Get the pairings here. Oh yeah, and the recipe.

Today’s kids think they’re the center of the universe, and if some of them are yours, no doubt you need a breather. That’s where the importance of wine comes into play. We've paired up with EmmaleeElizabeth to bring you some fabulous appetizers and wines to match. Time to kick back and relax.

It’s probably the best excuse to drink before 1 p.m. there is. But you really don’t need an excuse to have a summer brunch—especially if you’re craving an egg dish or some buttery scones. Johanna Puelston shares her rundown of brunch tips, drinks and recipes. Get ready to indulge.

Whitney Stewart doesn’t have an ounce of Italian blood in her, but she tries to cook as if she had grown up with a gaggle of siblings in some provincial town in the south of Italy. This salad is one of her creations, invented during one of those longing moments. 

Introducing our new partner in food and wine adventures, EmmaleeElizabethDesign. Check out our recipe and wine pairings in upcoming weeks and one really awesome wine bottle cake.

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be about expensive gifts. Sometimes it’s the simple things made with love that can make a day super special. Save the spa date or walk around the lake for later in the day. This year, start her day (or ask your man to start your day) with these charming cupcakes and everyone’s favorite fruit-laden beverage, sangria. (Cake for breakfast is divine, you really must try it.)

From Chef David Gutowski comes this trifecta of lamb dinner perfection. Seared lamb loins, ramp pesto and manchego potato cakes. A gourmet dinner that looks and tastes superb. 

Two Recipes from Jordan Winery
By: Brain Wines
Posted: Apr. 12, 2013

If you’re planning a menu for a formal affair, these chef-developed recipes and wine pairings from the chef at Jordan Vineyard & Winery will make your guests ooh and aah. Savory, full of flavor, incredible presentation. This is a pair of recipes that just ask for black tie.

Here’s an easy Asian meatball appetizer that works well alone or as the protein topping to a salad of mixed greens spritzed with rice vinegar. You’ll want to balance the heat out with a slightly sweet white wine.

Wood-Roasted Artichoke Salad
By: Wine Table
Posted: Mar. 01, 2013

This wood-roasted artichoke salad with toasted garlic-red wine vinaigrette and manchego cheese will be featured on the spring menu at Splendido, the restaurant at The Chateau, Beaver Creek. Chef-Owner David Walford recommends tossing the artichokes on a grill with a few oak chips thrown on the coals. Pair it with a Clos du Bois Chardonnay or Willamette Valley Riesling.

Pretend for a moment you’re Hungarian. In your mind’s eye, you remember that incredible red chicken stew from your youth—it was one of those foods that cemented your cultural experience. Now open your eyes and voila, you can still make it for dinner and reap the benefits of Hungarian ingenuity: onions, paprika and chicken all stewed together into one big pot of deliciousness. Keep the bones in…they’ll make the meat moist and flavorful.

Our Super Bowl hopes were dashed as our home team, the Denver Broncos, lost in the playoffs. To comfort ourselves, we intend on throwing a Super Bowl party with lots of carbs—Italian style! We’ll be ordering ours from our new favorite Italian spot in the Denver area.

There’s no time like the present to start getting in gear for your Super Bowl bash. Run those laps, clean the house and show off your own Super Bowl (menu) strategy with these make-ahead mini crab cakes from WineTable Executive Chef Harry Haff. The adults will love your style—especially when you serve it with a well-paired wine. Don't forget--they eat crab cakes in BOTH San Francisco and show your true colors with the dipping sauce you make.

Broaden your Super Bowl menu with this spicy southwestern stew. This twist on the more traditional ground beef chili with the introduction of beef brisket or bottom round will keep your crew well-fed and cheering throughout the day. Try this recipe from WineTable Executive Chef Harry Haff and pair it with a cool-climate syrah or shiraz from Australia or Washington State, a full-bodied, cool-climate zinfandel or an oak-aged Lemberger from Washington State, Germany or Austria.

Chips and dip is about as necessary to the Super Bowl as Kaepernick is to the 49ers’ try at the victory this year. Guacamole is a healthy alternative to some of those greasier meat-and-cheese dips we all know (and—let’s face it—love) and is also great for slathering on carrot sticks. Make this version by WineTable Executive Chef Harry Haff and put your conscience to ease while you dig in. Even on Super Bowl Sunday you can have your veggies and eat them too.

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