A lot of things get better with age: wine, cheese, leather, your favorite jeans. And, hopefully, WineTable. The past few months have seen quite a few updates on our website, and we’re excited to update you, our favorite wine community, on our progress.

Late last week, Microsoft announced it is revamping its structure to coalesce its teamwork and increase its collaboration between divisions. As any good wine drinker knows, wine is one of the best ways to inspire collaboration, so in honor of Microsoft, here are three of the best wine bars in the Redmond area. 

Everyone knows that for coffee, Seattle is the place to be—from the original Starbucks to the home territory of Seattle’s Best to a plethora of independent shops—but where does one go for wine? We've got the answers.

Say hello to the new WineTable. We've created a quick guide to suggest a new wine type for you to try at one of the top wine bars near you. A great reason to initiate a get-together, right?