Every inch of Penner-Ash Wine Cellars—from the vineyards to the winery—was conceived with the notion of reflecting the values and spirit of Lynn Penner-Ash and her husband Ron: elegant and earthy, structured and thoughtful, transparent and connected. In the last 15 years, their winery has grown from 125 cases of wine to more than 9,000. We had the chance to speak to this winemaking vet with more than 30 years of wine to her name.

Applying dog logic to life, Brenda and Chris Lynch share their passion for animal rescue and good wine. 

Today, our Women & Wine feature takes a look at a woman building a brand--not in wine--but in spirits. Cape Spirits Owner/President JoAnn Elardo recently took home the Best of Category – Silver Medal from the American Distillers Institute for her Wicked Dolphin white rum at the 2013 ADI conference. We talk brand-building, local products and tasting a winning rum.

On Keuka Lake in New York’s Finger Lakes Wine Country, sits Rooster Hill Vineyards, a winery that exudes the entrepreneurial spirit of its president, Amy Hoffman. Visit the vineyards and you’ll likely find Hoffman amongst her grapes covered in dirt trying to outsmart Mother Nature’s surprises. She’s proud of the 230 medals her wines have won and will tell you her estate winery is not smoke and mirrors, it’s the real deal. Meet Amy Hoffman as she shares her experience and thoughts as a woman in wine.

The Finger Lake Wine Region in New York boasts a microclimate the locals believe lends to the quality wines that are found throughout the region. Leigh (Hazlitt) Triner shares that belief but also feels it’s the estate vineyards and the families who blend generations of viticulture with today’s world that gives the area an edge. Triner, along with her brother Doug, are the sixth generation of Hazlitt’s growing grapes and orchard fruit on the land their family purchased back in 1852.

Women & Wine: Marti Macinski
By: Robin Salls
Posted: Mar. 07, 2013

Twenty years ago people may have laughed at the thought of the Finger Lakes defining itself through its Rieslings and Gewürztraminers, but not Marti Macinski. She and her husband, Tom, had an unwavering belief and vision in the historic vineyards they purchased in 1991 and knew what they tasted in the terroir. Tying it altogether to create wines that Wine Spectator has consistently ranked highly since their first crush in 1993 only proved to others what the Macinskis already knew: that they have some of the best dirt to grow grapes. You can hear the smile in Marti’s voice as she shares candidly that their big egos and belief in assured success drove them forward. 

Women & Wine: Mary Snellgrove
By: Robin Salls
Posted: Jan. 24, 2013

Combining great wine, fine art, special dogs, and worthy causes is what Cru Vin Dogs Wine is all about. Its founder, 30-year wine industry veteran Mary Snellgrove would know. She launched the brand in 2006 with artist-husband Jay Snellgrove and partner Bill Foss. Combining talent and knowledge they’ve created a wine brand with a purpose—wine that gives back. For dog lovers, sipping on a glass of wine can mean lending a hand to those beloved furry friends.

Boutique wineries are popping up across the United States offering unique wine experiences by not only engaging their visitors in the sampling room, but also behind the scenes with hands-on experiences crafting it with winemakers. It’s that experience that Wild Woman Wine owners Charlene and Ross Meriwether hope to share with customers at their Colorado winery. Read our interview with Charlene.

Wine over the decades has become a passion and lifestyle for many women, as we see women exploring the world of wine beyond consumerism. While women have become the main purchasers of wine in American households, they are taking more prominent positions within the industry as well. There are a few trends at work here: women are realizing the social aspects of wine and have become the main household purchaser of it, and in a developing parallel, women are also embracing the science and hands-on nature of wine-crafting in ever greater numbers. This series on women and wine will introduce you to some incredible women who have taken their passion for wine and turned it into a lifestyle and even a career.