If you’re still longing for a little outdoors before the cool of fall sends you scurrying for a nice knitted afghan quilt inside, hold onto a little bit of summer with a final cookout--grilled pizza. It’s way way way too fantastic to miss.

It's sometimes referred to as a gateway wine, meaning many wine drinkers take their first forays into wine with this berrylicious red. Even if you're well begun on your wine journey, zinfandel is a delight to sip.

Pinot and Pigskin
By: Jayme Lamm
Posted: Jan. 29, 2013

Imagine for just a minute your Super Bowl party wasn’t just filled with the same ice-cold beer you always have, but instead, decided to offer wine at your party. What a nice break with tradition that could be. Pairing wine with Super Bowl food may be easier than you think, as Michel-SchlumbergerExecutive Chef Michael Pryor tells Jayme Lamm.

What does wine add to family celebration? It captures memories through the senses. WineTable lifestyle writers William and Natalie Myers remember their best Thanksgiving as a blend of family, love and wine. 

Grape of the Week: Zinfandel
By: Jeff S Cameron
Posted: Nov. 01, 2012

Each week, we focus on a different wine grape. This week's focus: zinfandel, one of the most popular grapes grown in the United States and considered "America's vine and wine."